When a Child Bullies

I had a request for resources for parents of a child who is acting out by bullying.  Here is a quick, ten question bullying quiz to test your knowledge.  It's a great starting point for addressing this topic.  Next is a little expert advice from anti-bullying expert, Dr. Jackie Humans.  A blogger posted a Q and A with  Dr. Humans.  The blogger’s thoughts are also interspersed throughout the post.

These four links offer excellent background reading material on recognizing the signs of bullying and reveal why children bully.

Divorce Children and Bullying    is a Huffington Post from contributor Claire Barnes, MA.

Why do some kids become bullies?   This is a news page from the University of Michigan Health System.

Why Kids Bully   and   What to do if My Child is a Bully are both webpage topics at stompoutbullying.org.  This website has lots of information for all parties affected by bullying.

My 9 year old is a Bully    this advice page has a brief list of good questions to ask the child and also mentions being sure to recognize good behavior and praise the child accordingly.

Counselors and parents are often able to encourage children to express their fears through drawing, coloring or other creative activities.  It’s a way to get them talking.  Here are a few options you can purchase online:

Workbook   this is for kids who have experienced trauma; often bullying stems from an unstable home life.

Compassion books has a whole set of books for young children about feelings and emotional literacy.   They all look great!!!

The Creative Therapy Store has a Board game for children and parents to play together.  It uses open-ended questions so children can discuss feelings in a safe setting of play.

Having your child taking a quick color quiz might produce valuable insight into their mindset.  If the child is older, some of the other personality quizzes listed on my One's Self page might be worthwhile.

School counselors also have a variety of resources to recommend to concerned parents.  "Emotional Intelligence" is also a possible topic of research in such situations.  You may find resources to help in building your child's emotional skills.