As healthcare workers and a journalist in Africa were contracting Ebola, I had to wonder 'are they all breaching protocols?'  I realize it is not an easy task to be 100% accurate all of the time with all the required steps.  Then you add their long days and primitive working conditions.....still, could there be another explanation, like maybe the infection control precautions should be stronger?

CIDRAP of the University of Minnesota put out a commentary on September 17, 2014 detailing why it is premature to state publicly that ebola can only be transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids.  The authors recommend all direct-care healthcare workers should be wearing full respiratory gear.  They strongly urged the CDC and the WHO to get this proper gear out to all healthcare workers dealing with this outbreak.  I found their article to very clearly and logically delineate why official protocols should be altered.

In all the CDC's published information on ebola, why is this 2010 article from the Journal of Applied Microbiology never referenced?

A press release overnight announced that a second Texas healthcare worker has tested postiive for Ebola. Personally, I am very grateful to CIDRAPP for putting individual health concerns above  concern about public panic.  Today at noon CST CIDRAPP is hosting a webinar on the issue. ($195 registration fee)  I hope there is a news release on the content.  Never fear knowledge.