Tammy's Top Eight Suggested Resources

Do you wish to see the cream that rises to the top in my library?  Here is my opinion  regarding  which resources merit the majority of your attention.  I selected eight because eight is symbolic of change, of a new beginning.  After all, eight souls were preserved through the flood in Noah’s ark. 

Leo Gura is a life coach based in Las Vegas.  His website offers an extraordinary amount of free information in the form of videos and print.  Like me, Mr. Gura is committed to expanding his web content over time.  I have watched several videos and found him both sincere and insightful.  His Blueprint is a collection of over 100 topics:  The 100 Most Powerful Personal Development Concepts of All Time.  His list begins with “1. Life Purpose.”  Each numbered topic takes you to a page all its own where you will be immersed in contemplation as his words swirl with your own thoughts to formulate new ideas for your life.  Actualized.org is a great place to begin Building a Better You!

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Competencies  is a handy two-page pdf which addresses four topics:  Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.  A quick scan of this document will give you a rough idea where your strong points are and which areas need strengthening. 

Public Speaking: the virtual text is an online, colorful book/website.  Each of the eighteen chapters is written by separate authors.  They address it all – from listening to visual aids to group projects.  Well worth your time.

TED Talks are 18 minutes long or less.  They are on a wide variety of topics, particularly culture, science, and technology.  Select a topic from their video library or just browse the Trending Now.  I have their app on my phone and like to listen while exercising.

MOOCs   Massive Open Online Courses   Many are free and can be utilized independently at your leisure.  This link is to my MOOCs webpage.  I simply cannot say enough about exploring the world of MOOCs and finding gems just for you.

Harvard Business Review   Do not let the name fool you; this site has more information relevant to your life than you might be thinking right now.  You can subscribe for full access or simply register with your email and you will be able to read a handful of articles free each month.  They have print and video resources on leadership, communication, strategy, managing yourself and others, and a section called The Essentials.  Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Are You Financially Fit?   Is a great way to assess where you are financially.  It contains a questionnaire and corresponding steps to take depending on your results.

My eighth resource is the best of all!  Or then again, might I be biased? Check out my Bad Days video on YouTube.  It’s two minutes long and quite entertaining.  It will pull you through your next challenging episode.  Hurray Minifigs!

Take Care!