As healthcare workers and a journalist in Africa were contracting Ebola, I had to wonder 'are they all breaching protocols?'  I realize it is not an easy task to be 100% accurate all of the time with all the required steps.  Then you add their long days and primitive working conditions.....still, could there be another explanation, like maybe the infection control precautions should be stronger?

CIDRAP of the University of Minnesota put out a commentary on September 17, 2014 detailing why it is premature to state publicly that ebola can only be transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids.  The authors recommend all direct-care healthcare workers should be wearing full respiratory gear.  They strongly urged the CDC and the WHO to get this proper gear out to all healthcare workers dealing with this outbreak.  I found their article to very clearly and logically delineate why official protocols should be altered.

In all the CDC's published information on ebola, why is this 2010 article from the Journal of Applied Microbiology never referenced?

A press release overnight announced that a second Texas healthcare worker has tested postiive for Ebola. Personally, I am very grateful to CIDRAPP for putting individual health concerns above  concern about public panic.  Today at noon CST CIDRAPP is hosting a webinar on the issue. ($195 registration fee)  I hope there is a news release on the content.  Never fear knowledge.


How To Become a Pilot

Often people with the desire to fly have carried that dream since childhood. Go for it! Check out local aviation shows and talk with pilots about their experiences.   You may begin lessons before you even pursue your medical certification or any of the tests.  Lessons are a good way to determine if you are serious about pursuing this further.  Read the Federal Aviation Administration’s FAQ page.  Phoenix East Aviation offers a great how-to guide which will give you a basic understanding of the steps you would need to take.  Sporty's Academy has a great guide called Begin Your Flight Training.  Starting with three three resources should fill in the knowledge gaps of what it will take to make your dream a reality.

Become a reader of Flying magazine, ipad Pilot News, or AirFacts journal to keep up on aviation news. Watch videos about weather, instruments, and flying tips.  Here are many books  by renowned aviator Richard Collins.

Below are your options for becoming a pilot and the steps needed for each option.

Option 1

Join the U.S. military.  Every branch has an opportunity for flying.  Since military pilots are officers, step one is to earn a bachelor’s degree.   The next step is to complete Officer’s Training School for that branch of the military. There are several paths to becoming an officer. Your first contact with the military can begin before you start college, or you can wait and connect with the military after you have received your college diploma.  Details are on the recruiting website for each military branch.  You can be a pilot and be in the reserves as well.

Here are quick links to read about pilots for each military branch:

 Army Aviation officers

Air Force pilots

Coast Guard Wilks Flight Initiative Program

Marine fixed-wing pilots

Marine rotary pilots

National Guard

Naval Aviators

Option 2

Obtain your pilot’s license for recreational purposes OR become a private pilot as a career.  There are limitations to when and where a recreational pilot can fly.

Begin with flying lessons, then work on your medical and student pilot certificates. You do not fly solo until you have the student pilot certificate.  You may not have passengers while you only have a student pilot certificate.  You must be endorsed for each type of plane you intend to fly.

Be sure to check out the FAA’s Become a Pilot section.  Here is UIUC’s Aviation page for prospective students.  

Start your learning with a Learn To Fly course appThis course will prepare you for the written, oral, and flight tests.  This app is sold by Sporty's Academy of Cincinnati, Ohio.  See them for all your lessons and required learning.

Pilot Mall offers a $500 flight simulator for your PC.  Browse their site for "quality aviation supplies and gifts." This includes lots of books! ☺

Option 3

Become an airline pilot.  They often hire ex-military pilots.  A regional pilot does not need a bachelor’s degree, but a national airline pilot does.  ATP Flight School answers your questions here.

Best wishes!


Tammy's Top Eight Suggested Resources

Do you wish to see the cream that rises to the top in my library?  Here is my opinion  regarding  which resources merit the majority of your attention.  I selected eight because eight is symbolic of change, of a new beginning.  After all, eight souls were preserved through the flood in Noah’s ark. 

Leo Gura is a life coach based in Las Vegas.  His website offers an extraordinary amount of free information in the form of videos and print.  Like me, Mr. Gura is committed to expanding his web content over time.  I have watched several videos and found him both sincere and insightful.  His Blueprint is a collection of over 100 topics:  The 100 Most Powerful Personal Development Concepts of All Time.  His list begins with “1. Life Purpose.”  Each numbered topic takes you to a page all its own where you will be immersed in contemplation as his words swirl with your own thoughts to formulate new ideas for your life.  Actualized.org is a great place to begin Building a Better You!

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Competencies  is a handy two-page pdf which addresses four topics:  Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.  A quick scan of this document will give you a rough idea where your strong points are and which areas need strengthening. 

Public Speaking: the virtual text is an online, colorful book/website.  Each of the eighteen chapters is written by separate authors.  They address it all – from listening to visual aids to group projects.  Well worth your time.

TED Talks are 18 minutes long or less.  They are on a wide variety of topics, particularly culture, science, and technology.  Select a topic from their video library or just browse the Trending Now.  I have their app on my phone and like to listen while exercising.

MOOCs   Massive Open Online Courses   Many are free and can be utilized independently at your leisure.  This link is to my MOOCs webpage.  I simply cannot say enough about exploring the world of MOOCs and finding gems just for you.

Harvard Business Review   Do not let the name fool you; this site has more information relevant to your life than you might be thinking right now.  You can subscribe for full access or simply register with your email and you will be able to read a handful of articles free each month.  They have print and video resources on leadership, communication, strategy, managing yourself and others, and a section called The Essentials.  Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Are You Financially Fit?   Is a great way to assess where you are financially.  It contains a questionnaire and corresponding steps to take depending on your results.

My eighth resource is the best of all!  Or then again, might I be biased? Check out my Bad Days video on YouTube.  It’s two minutes long and quite entertaining.  It will pull you through your next challenging episode.  Hurray Minifigs!

Take Care!


The Up Side of Parenting

I dedicate this post to all who are considering becoming a parent and to parents who daily reaffirm that decision they made long ago.....

Here are online resources which display the rewards of parenting ---  a few you have heard of and many you have probably never seen.

For Dads

10 Tips for New Dads courtesy of WebMD
A Nurturing Father’s Journal:  the workbook for strengthening men’s parenting skills and attitudes is a self-instructional guide
GreatDad.com exists because “dads don’t always think like moms.”
National Center for Fathering has an excellent resource center as well as an opportunity to get your fathering profile.

For Moms

CafeMom offers conversation, advice, and entertainment
Momastery is the website of author Glennon Doyle Melton.  Her tagline is:  Truth Tellers and Hope Spreaders.
Murphy’s Law for Moms   is a funny and true Café Mom blog post

 For Parents

12 Resources for new parents   this Awake Parents blogger offers some great leads.
iVillage addresses pregnancy and parenting
Pacer Center    champions for children with disabilities
USA.gov offers numerous parenting resources for many topics and all age groups
U.S. Dept. of Education also has a broad array of answers to parenting questions


American Baby Magazine presents information on pregnancy, babies, names, older children, and much more.
Parents   I subscribed to this for years.
Ser Padres   Parents Magazine in Spanish

My final bit of sharing:  click on Pinterest Parenting Inspiration and just soak in all the warmth, wisdom, and love.  The resources and support are out there.  Best wishes!

Grace and Peace,



When a Child Bullies

I had a request for resources for parents of a child who is acting out by bullying.  Here is a quick, ten question bullying quiz to test your knowledge.  It's a great starting point for addressing this topic.  Next is a little expert advice from anti-bullying expert, Dr. Jackie Humans.  A blogger posted a Q and A with  Dr. Humans.  The blogger’s thoughts are also interspersed throughout the post.

These four links offer excellent background reading material on recognizing the signs of bullying and reveal why children bully.

Divorce Children and Bullying    is a Huffington Post from contributor Claire Barnes, MA.

Why do some kids become bullies?   This is a news page from the University of Michigan Health System.

Why Kids Bully   and   What to do if My Child is a Bully are both webpage topics at stompoutbullying.org.  This website has lots of information for all parties affected by bullying.

My 9 year old is a Bully    this advice page has a brief list of good questions to ask the child and also mentions being sure to recognize good behavior and praise the child accordingly.

Counselors and parents are often able to encourage children to express their fears through drawing, coloring or other creative activities.  It’s a way to get them talking.  Here are a few options you can purchase online:

Workbook   this is for kids who have experienced trauma; often bullying stems from an unstable home life.

Compassion books has a whole set of books for young children about feelings and emotional literacy.   They all look great!!!

The Creative Therapy Store has a Board game for children and parents to play together.  It uses open-ended questions so children can discuss feelings in a safe setting of play.

Having your child taking a quick color quiz might produce valuable insight into their mindset.  If the child is older, some of the other personality quizzes listed on my One's Self page might be worthwhile.

School counselors also have a variety of resources to recommend to concerned parents.  "Emotional Intelligence" is also a possible topic of research in such situations.  You may find resources to help in building your child's emotional skills.


MOOCs Massive Open Online Courses

Hello and Happy Spring!

Spring is a great time to air out and freshen up one's mind by learning a new skill or dusting off old skills with a refresher session on a topic you once knew well. I have been spending time these past few weeks taking part in a growing trend:  learning online.  My online courses have been via Udemy. These courses offer lifetime access, so you can tap into learning anytime. I learned about 21st century leadership, social media and marketing,  SEO optimization, and Google Analytics.

Courses from Udemy vary in price. Many are free and others have a fee. Sometimes Udemy offers a discount for a few days. After I completed my first course, I received a coupon to purchase my next course at 50% off. When your instructors create a new course, as a former student, you are offered a steep discount to register.  Courses I have taken varied in length from one hour to fifteen hours.  Courses are available to you 24 hours a day. You simply read the handouts and watch videos when you have time.

I am also scheduled to begin a couple of Coursera courses in May.  Coursera courses are always free. If you want CEUs from the University who is hosting the course, you pay a fee. Coursera courses have a weekly schedule with assignments, but you can sign up for a course and be no more involved than simply perusing the videos and handouts for that course.  I participate at the certificate level.

ed2go is another online source I will be working with later this year.

MOOCs - the title of my post -have been around and growing in popularity for a number of years. Here are a couple interesting articles on the subject:
New York Times July 17, 2012  "Top Universities Test the Online Appeal of Free"
Here is an article which gives many resources for free courses.

Code Academy is a free place to learn code. Another source is w3schools if you wish to learn web development. They also offer certification in each topic area for $95 per test. Tests must be proctored, and many public libraries are willing to assist you with that.

For more details, visit my MOOCs page in Tammy's Library.  Take care and happy learning!


Start learning on Udemy today!