Self Publishing


"DIY: how to publish an E-book"   Publishers Weekly  October 7, 2013"
"How to Publish a Book: an overview of traditional and self-publishing"   Writers Digest Shop offers lots of good how-to information.
"How to Self-Publish Your Book Through Amazon"   Forbes April 25, 2014
"New Publisher Authors Trust: Themselves"   New York Times  April 16, 2013
"The Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Book"   PBS and Mediashift
"Self-Publishing a Book: 25 things you need to know"   from CNET June 13, 2012  This article references many resources in the industry.
"Self-Publishing an E-book? Here are 4 ways to leave Amazon's 30% tax behind"  Forbes  July 31, 2013


Dreamwidth Studios   a blog/journal online community for creative people

Copyright   from the Library of Congress
Copyright Basics   12pp. pdf
Copyright Law & Public Domain   NOLO
Getting Permission   Stanford U Libraries


Kickstarter   crowdsourced funding for your creative arts publishing project. This link will take your to their homepage where there's an introductory video you may watch. Then click on Publishing to see other projects that have requested funding.

Indigogo   crowdfunding resource


Get an ISBN    R.R. Bowker is the U.S. ISBN Agency  and your first stop in publishing your book.
Why You Need an ISBN   an answer from


Start Writing Fiction   a FutureLearn free course

Self-Publish on Kindle icon a free Udemy course
Secret Sauce of Great Writing icon a free Udemy course

Self-Publishing Options

Blurb   You can sell your book through their store or Amazon.   "Self Publishing Simplified"  They've got a handy price calculator on their home page. Also, see recommendation below.
CreateSpace   free and fee tools; an Amazon company (recently merged with BookSurge)
Lulu   volume discounts starting at 15 copies.
Medium   "everyone's stories and ideas"

Suggestions from Someone who has Self-Published

The Cool Kids Book: 50 Lessons on topics of humility, confidence, style, creativity, and sincerity was self-published by Daniel Tiernan. Dan researched his self-publishing options before selecting one. He shared with me the details on the choice he made.

Dan selected and found their prices to be better than Lulu or Blurb.  Step one:  upload a pdf of the item you wish to publish.  Step Two:  create the cover design and formatting.  You may want to order a trial copy or two which will ensure the final product you envision.  BookPatch allows you to purchase copies for yourself at a wholesale price and they also provide you with a link to let others order copies themselves at a price that you set.

Preserve your talents forever by publishing your own photobook. Give copies to all your special people. US - Photobook

Book Suggestions

Check these out at your local public library -- woohoo!  or purchase a copy online.