Massive Open Online Courses

Are you ready to learn online, much of it free? If so, then MOOCs are for you.  Online courses are part of a growing trend of customized learning:  anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. M. Mitchell Waldrop explains what a MOOC is and how they developed in this Scientific American article. Here is a 2012 New York Times education article on MOOCs. Geoffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal wrote an update on MOOCs in late 2013. More reading on MOOCS.

This BDPA Detroit article lists ten resources for free online courses. The first on their list is I've used Udemy extensively and highly recommend it. After I finished my first free course, I received a coupon for half off my first purchase. Udemy frequently offers sales on courses and you have lifetime access to those you take.  Course leaders often offer additional resources and assistance to former students via email. I took a 7+ hour free course on 21st Century Leaders which was excellent. When away from home, I simply pop in my earbuds and listen on my iPhone.  Here is a listing of free courses offered at Udemy.  Many MOOCs offer certificates for completing the course and you can even get college credit for some MOOCs.

More MOOC providers for you to check out:

Class Central is a directory of many top MOOC providers.
Code Academy and Coursera are on the 2013 list of Best Free Reference Web Sites from RUSA Emerging
     Technologies (Reference and User Services Association).
Coursera, as of this writing, offers 634 free online courses. It was founded by two Standford University
     professors. Here is an article on Coursera's new Android app.  Scholarships are available if you want to
     get credit for the course.
Course Talk   you can read reviews from students who have already completed MOOCs.   a better way to learn anything
ed2go offers 350 online courses through colleges and universities across the U.S. Accounting, finance, business, design, medical, legal, technology, and writing are a few of the topics available. (See ad in margin)
edX offers over 160 courses
Khan Academy   I've used this site for years. It is simply educational videos you select and watch.
Open University
Pimsleur Language   audio lessons for over 50 languages; the first thirty minute lesson is free to try.  You can listen on your smartphone or tablet as well. (see ad in margin)
Saylor   lots of professional development topics
Ted Ed   lessons worth sharing (TED Talks)
Udacity courses are mainly web development, science, math, and I saw one psychology course
Video Lectures is also on RUSA's 2013 list of Best Free Reference Web Sites.
World Mentoring Academy   free interactive learning from MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and more.

ed2go Pimsleur Language Programs

This should be enough to get you going. Or simply type "MOOC" in your favorite search engine and explore......happy learning!


Speaking of learning online for free......this is not a MOOC but it's a great free learning tool: DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books is a directory of 1,300 textbooks that are peer-reviewed and published under an Open Access license. Most are less than ten years old.

Howcast   a great site where you simply watch tutorials on How to....anything!

TED talks are another resource you may enjoy. "Ideas worth spreading" is their tagline. Get the app on your smartphone and you can listen to one anywhere! It was a TED talk that introducted me to MOOCs. TED's list of topics is endless. Edward Snowden is on there with "Here's how we take back the Internet". As you probably guessed, the NSA has a TED talk too, in response to Snowden. ☺

On the mobile app, TED talks have many LIFE SKILLS tags which are relevant to what Tammy's Library promotes.  Try these:  self, decision-making, body language, choice, entrepreneur, finance-money, goal setting, happiness, leadership, personal growth, and relationships.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes are centers around the United States which offer intellectually stimulating classes for adults over 50.