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As a librarian, I present multiple perspectives:  both traditional and alternative health resources.  Many natural health alternatives are not recommended by the medical community. I provide these objections from the medical community and related news articles from trusted media sources next to various natural health resources when I am aware of them.  You are entitled to both sides of every story. The decisions regarding your health are yours and yours alone. Best wishes!  ~  Tammy

Traditional Medicine Resources

AMA Dr. Finder   American Medical Association online physician locator   National Cancer Institute
Clinical Trials   tests of new drugs and medical devices   American Academy of Pediatrics
MedlinePlus   health information for all citizens from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.  This site should be considered ground zero for locating medical information online:  health topics, health news, drug, herb, and supplement information, a medical dictionary, encyclopedia, surgery and anatomy videos, interactive tutorials, calculators, quizzes and games.

MedlinePlus Directories   locate doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

MedlinePlus in other languages   some webpages are translated into other languages. This will take you to the list of translated pages.

Locate a Library   find a medical library near you, both for the U.S. and Canada. Note: this is only medical libraries which are members of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. I checked my state and found two nearby hospital libraries are not listed, meaning they are not members of NNLM.  You can do a web search to find additional medical libraries that may exist in your area.

Mayo Clinic   is located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida.  Research diseases, symptoms, drugs, supplements, tests & procedures, first aid, and healthy lifestyle information.   Childbirth info on everything from midwifery to C-section to VBAC.  I also recommend viewing "The Business of Being Born" and part two. They can be found on Youtube and Netflix.

PubMed   is a search engine of the Medline database. You can find abstracts of life science and biomedical topics.  Some records will link to full-text articles in PubMed Central. Some articles are full-text on PubMed but for a fee.  Some articles are found online elsewhere.  Tutorials are offered at the site.  PubMed is maintained by the National Libary of Medicine.
PubMed Central   a repository of full-text articles.
WebMD   another great place for information

Health Insurance   federal health insurance marketplace
State Health Insurance Marketplace Profiles   see how the sixteen states with their own exchanges are faring.
Healthcare Exchange map    find out how your state is handling health insurance
How to Pick a Health Insurance Plan   from Consumer Reports
Medicare   knowledge from

Health Related Resources

American Cancer Society   a U.S. health organization dedicated to the elimination of cancer.  ACS is given a letter grade of C in this 2013 CS Monitor chart.
CDC   Center for Disease Control   certain sections of JAMA Journal of American Medical Association and NEJM New England Journal of Medicine are free after six or twelve months.
Health Map   a global disease alert map
Human Body Maps   very nice!                                                              

Internet Addiction   this site addresses numerous aspects of addiction from online gaming to sexting to porn   life expectancy calculator (it said I would live till 92)
National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI   here they offer a list of illnesses and related conditions

Financial Resources for Cancer Patients
Assistance Speaking to Your Doctor about Treatment
Looking Good with Cancer: Tips for Looking Your Best
Online Communities For Cancer Patients
Legal Resources for Cancer Patients

CWI Medical Thousands of Health Care Products and Medical Supplies.

Medical Supply Depot sells products for all your respiratory, pain management, skin care, & mobility needs.

Medical Supply Depot


Evaluating Internet Health Information   a 16 minute tutorial from the National Library of Medicine.
Understanding Medical Words   a tutorial from the National Library of Medicine
Vital Signs:  Understanding What the Body is Telling Us   a free course

If you are new to the term "MOOCs" please read my blog post or browse my MOOCs page.


Are respiratory masks needed for this outbreak?   a September 17, 2014 commentary from the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

CDC   Ebola page
CIDRAP  their Ebola Overview page
International SOS   their Ebola site also includes travel advice and a world map of the infection
Ebola Mutation?   an October 14, 2014 Bloomberg article

Never be afraid of knowledge.


Workout charts   Neila Rey offers free visual charts you can print out and use!

Urgent Care

What is Urgent Care?   Ross Cohen delineates why Urgent Care is needed
Find Urgent Care   locate a facility near you, includes a description of what U.C. covers

Book Suggestions for Traditional Medicine

Medifocus guides   offer health information for patients and families confronting serious medical issues.  The guides are around $30 with pdfs around $22.


Natural Health/Alternative Medicine


Cancer Treatment Centers of America   Reuters published the story of one family's negative experience with CTCA.   this independent organization rates supplements currently on the market.

Gerson Institute   offers Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.  The American Cancer Society disapproves of Gerson Therapy.

Herbal Medicine   see my Disaster Prep page for herbal websites, seed sources, and book suggestions.   information on supplement and drug interactions

Book Suggestions for Natural Health/Alternative Medicine

Big Book of Juices and Smoothies   by Natalie Savona
Herbal Antivirals
Herbal Antibiotics
The Juicing Bible  
by Pat Crocker
Program for Reversing Diabetes   by Dr. Neal Barnard
Stop Alzheimer's Now!   by Bruce Fife and Russell Blaylock
There is a Cure for Diabetes   by Dr. Gabriel Cousins

see my Disaster Prep page for more herbal book suggestions.


Dietary Supplements Labels Database is on RUSA's 2013 list of Best Free Reference Web Sites. Here you can search the ingredients of over 7,000 brands of dietary supplements.
Choose My Plate allows users to set calorie level and get sample menus for both vegetarians and carnivores.
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead   Joe Cross documentary.....change your life with juicing....this one is a life changer!
Fruits and Veggies   more matters
Fully Raw Kristina   a YouTube Channel to guide you in the vegan lifestyle and eating raw   smart nutrition 101, life stages, weight management, shopping, cooking, meal planning, supplements, food assistance programs   get your fill of good information here


Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0   a free, self-paced, five hour from a Standford MD.

Book Suggestions for Nutrition

Big Book of Juices and Smoothies   by Natalie Savona
The Juicing Bible   by Pat Crocker
Stop Alzheimer's Now!   by Bruce Fife and Russell Blaylock   This program addresses dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, and other neurodegenerative disorders.