Are you ready for personal financial stability?  Change comes first and change is a process.   Here's a quick way to see what you already know and what you have yet to learn:  National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy list five money areas all adults should be fluent in.  Scroll down past the first three paragraphs and begin reading at "Standard I:  Money Management".  Here is a great document which includes a quiz "Are You Financially Fit?"


Guardian article on Payday loans
Bitcoin   the untraceable currency, get informed at Khan Academy
Personal Finance   the CNN personal finance page
What is Bitcoin?   an infographic from CNN Money


BariTessler   a great blog from a financial therapist
Find a Daily Money Manager   hire a member of a non-profit commited to providing personal financial/bookkeeping services to senior citizens, the disabled, busy professionals and others.
MoneyZen   wealth management services with Manisha Thakor and her team.
Sherold Barr   a Master Certified Coach who helps women entrepreneurs build their online businesses.

Balance your Checkbook

How to...     from
Writing checks   lessons from


I Will Teach You to Be Rich   Ramit Sethi writes on psychology, entrepreneurship, careers, and personal finance
Wild Money   Luna Jaffe, author and CFP

Discount Brokers

Scott Trade

Estate Planning

Advanced Health Directive info    Medline Plus description, plus a link to get you started

Advanced Health Directive   select your state and download from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organia

U.S. Living Will Registry   if this issue matters to you, get registered today

Create a Living Will   this RocketLawyer form takes ten minutes to complete

You can also do a web search "[your state] advanced health directive"  to ensure you follow your state's guidelines.  An attorney is not necessary.

Organ Donation

WebMD info   read more about this process as well as live organ donation
Mayo Clinic info  dispel the myths   give the gift of life today
Find a regional donor center by doing a web search for "organ donation and [your state]." 

Cost-Effective Wills   AARP advice to get you started
Writing a Will covers many pertinent topics here
Will   create one online with NOLO for $35
Will, long or short forms   create your will online and print for $10 to 15 with LegalDocs.


Charity Navigator   do research before making decisions to give
Charity Watch   do research before making decisions to give, formerly the American Institute of Philanthropy
Giving with a Purpose   edX course to run again Winter 2015.  Archived resources available for viewing
GuideStar   non-profit reports

Home Ownership

Buying vs. Renting   2 minute video to help you consider your options
HARP   Home Affordable Refinance Program, U.S. Government
Refinance?   Smart Assest refinance calculator


Best Insurance Sites   courtesy of New York Public Library
Glossary   of insurance terms
Insurance Policies 101   good explanation
Life & Health   help from
Understanding Insurance   help from


360 Degrees of Financial Literacy   American Institute of CPAs
10 Places not to use your Debit Card   good advice   U.S. federal law entitles you to request one report per year per credit reporting
Better Business Bureau   do research before making decisions
Closing a Credit Card Account   be informed before you do this; it hurts your credit score
Dave Ramsey   a very robust website:  articles, tools, bookstore, forums, training, and more
Debit Card info   from
Financial Literacy Now   guide from the New York Public Library (woohoo!)
Investor Education Modules   FINRA publications
Identity Theft   consumer information from the Federal Trade Commission
Investopedia Tutorials   personal finance, teaching children, retirement, investing, active trading, and Forex   if you don't have time to take one of the MOOCs listed below, at least spend fifteen minutes reading the bare basics here.  This will start you thinking about money matters.
Payday Loans   Consumer Alert info from the Federal Trade Commission
Personal Finance   lots of help on lots of topics from
Project Money   basic tutorials on savings, bank accounts, credit cards, and income tax
Using Credit   from
Where NOT to use a credit card   advice from TransUnion


If you are new to the term "MOOCs" please read my blog post or browse my MOOCs page.

Introduction to Finance   a free course through the University of Michigan.  This is a 15 week in-depth course on both personal and corporate assets. Up to the challenge?  Go for it!   from the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Womens Bureau,  an informal, eight-part online course, learn at your convenience.

Assess Your Financial Fitness icon a free Udemy course
Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market icon a free Udemy course
Build Your Financial Future icon a free Udemy course
Investing Basics icon a free Udemy course
Wealth is in your values, the quality of your life, and the way that you love.
— Luna Jaffe, Wild Money


Currency Converter   a free way to organize all your spending.
Yodlee   a mobile app to manage all your finances in one place

Book Suggestions

Check these out at your local public library -- woohoo!  or shop online with the booksellers shown below. 

This book is intentionally featured rather than being alphabetized with the rest of the pack!  If there ever was a time to judge a book by its cover, this is it!!!  Financial advice books are simply not this intriguing, so I had to learn more about the author/graphic designer/Certified Financial Planner, Luna Jaffe, who dared to break the mold. After reading a review by a Forbes contributor, I decided to read it.  You can also buy a companion Field Guide & Journal which I strongly recommend.  This set presents artistic beauty on every page.  Financial matters are no longer intimidating with Ms. Jaffe guiding your every step!  Clicking on the image will take you to her website. Be sure to watch her intro video. It's available as  Kindle e-book as well.  If you sign up on her email list, she will send you the first two chapters of her book as a welcome gift.  Great way to check it out.

All Your Worth     Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyag

The Black Rose      Tananarive Due

The Book of Awakening     Mark Nepo

Creating Good Will      Elizabeth Arnold

The Generosity Plan     Kathy May

Lost and Found     Geneen Roth

Money, a Memoir     Liz Perlee

Peace and Plenty     Sarah Ban Breachbach

Spending     Molly Gordon

Your Money and Your Brain    Jason Zweig

Suze Orman    select any title from her and you will benefit.