Be Prepared

My lifelong motto has always been "Independence is the Key!"  If ever this is needed, it is in relation to emergency situations.  This independence takes forethought, planning, purchasing supplies, and practice drills with your family.  Also, remember to plan for your pets...and keep in mind extra supplies for those around you who may not be planning for themselves.

Many types of emergencies could leave you without electricity, heat, phone, or Internet service, so prepare accordingly.  e.g. I have a couple first aid and medical books in my home since I wouldn't be able to look anything up online during a power outage.

Be a Weather Spotter

Skywarn   a look at what's currently happening across the U.S.


NOAA Weather Radio   special frequencies


Lifeline Domes   Ray Ansel of Missouri

Monolithic Dome Homes   safe in all weather environments, even can include an EM energy absorbing concrete to protect against many EMP events.

First Aid

First Aid App   from the American Red Cross, for iPhone and Android
First Aid Resource Guide   Thank you to Cindy Powell's Girl Scout Troop for suggesting this resource!

Mayo Clinic   index of first aid topics

WebMD   index of first aid topics


Earthquake Still a Risk for New Madrid Fault   US
Earthquake Safety Actions   pdf of instructions is accessed in lower left of the page.
FEMA   Federal Emergency Management Agency
Handbook for Earthquakes in the Central U.S.    pdf from the USGS
Home EMProvement   Scott Hunt DVD   strategic relocation and the secure home
"NBC shows U.S. Life after EMP Blast"   their "Revolution" series paints a good portrait of what life would be like with no electricity.
Organic Prepper   blog   a great teacher of medical know-how
Quiz   test your survival skills with Basic and Advanced quizzes
Radio Free Redoubt   John Jacob Schmidt

Ready   the U.S. government site for preparedness:  flood, fire, hurricane, and tornado
Red Cross   emergency preparedness for home, work, and schools
Suvival Skills Test   13 questions and complete explanations of your errors
USN ER Doc   suturing video and much more


Food, water, power, medical, and other gear

DLight   solar lighting and power
Emergency Essentials   freeze dried food, they've got a comparison chart on their homepage showing what they provide versus their competitors.
Emergency Radios   many varieties listed here
Food for Health   storable food and other items
Heirloom Seeds
Lehman's   simple products for a simpler life.  I like their laundry tubs and crank-operated wringer!
Manual Pump for your well    stainless steel, up to 350', hand or solar
Medical Trauma Kit   from Costco
Moon Cups   eco-friendly feminine hygiene product
Mountain Rose Herbs   herbs, spices, aromatherapy, and teas
MSS sleeping bag   modular sleep system for all four seasons, rated to -40°
My Patriot Supply   heirloom seeds, food supplies, water filtration, lighting and power, canning supplies
Hand Pump for your well  PVC
PerSys Medical   breakthrough medical devices, innovative products, and unique solutions to life-threatening injuries
Ready Reserve Foods   freeze dried
Seeds of Change   heirloom seeds
Seed Savers   an exchange for heirloom seed collectors
Solar Generator   Solutions from Science, 1800 watt
Fuel-Less Generator   silent, 1500 watt solar generator
Solar & Hand-cranked goods   a wide variety of items
Survive 2 Thrive   organic, 40 day food supply bucket
Tattler Canning Lids    reusable canning lids
West Coast Seeds   heirloom seeds
Western Mountaineering   sleeping bags and other warm gear
Woodland Essence   herbs

Survival Skills

5 Basic Survival Skills
7 Items for Women   excellent options for self-defense
Medic Shack   alternative emergency medicine
Practical Preppers   thank you, Scott Hunt! Ooe of my favorites here is their hand pump for your well.
Self Defense   basic moves from LifeHacker
Self Defense Weapons
Sigma 3 Survival School   the Institute of Self-Reliance
The Human Path   Herbal Medic Sam Coffman's San Antonia, TX survival training courses - they offer an online Basic Herbal Medic course too.
Urban Survival Guide   street skills and home preparedness

Book Suggestions

American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook
County Sheriff America's Last Hope  
by Sheriff Richard Mack
Day of Wrath   by William Forstchen (fiction, not for the faint of heart!)
First Aid, Survival, and CPR Field Guide   by Shirley Jones EMT-P
Gift of Fear   by Gavin De Becker
Herbal Medic: practical clinical herbalism and first aid   by Sam Coffman, Special Forces Medic
The High Security Shelter   by Joel Skousen, 4th ed.
Invasive Plant Medicine   by Timothy Lee Scott
Lifesaving First Aid for Dummies
A Nation Forsaken   by Michael Maloof presents the possiblity of an EMP event, whether it be solar-induced or the result of terrorism
One Second After   by William Forstchen (this book is recommended by many military and other governmental leaders)  It's a fiction story of what life would be like with no electricity.
Pantry Primer   by Daisy Luther
Prepper's Blueprint   by Tess Pennington
Prepper's Cookbook   by Tess Pennington
Preppers Home Defense   by Jim Cobb
Preppers Instruction Manual   by Arthur T. Bradley
The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide   J. Wayne Fears, short-term survival
Practical Peppers Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness   by Scott Hunt
The Secure Home   by Joel Skousen
Strategic Relocation   by Joel Skousen, he also has a DVD by the same name
Weather Identification Handbook   by Storm Dunlop
Weather Wizard's Cloud Book   by Rubin and Duncan