My Story

Hello, Sunshine!

Tammy's Library is my gift to the world.  Think of it as curated social bookmarking.

My passion is connecting people with useful resources.  I am happy when I help make others happy.  I love the research and discovery of new online resources and books. I share my discoveries with anyone who is interested. ☺

All photos are homegrown.  I use my iPhone 5, the Cam Me app, the LINE camera app, and Picasa.  You will see a lot on the One's Self page about taking time in life to renew "unwind" time comes when I get out my minifigs and set up a photo shoot. ☺

Some of my nature photos are older and were taken B.I.  (before iPhone) with a Nikon Coolpix, probably.  I say this about my cameras to show that I use nothing fancy.  Nature's beauty has a way of expressing itself without expensive help. (Legos do, too.)

Check out my companion Tammy Kay YouTube Channel for brief videos.  On my YT channel, I subscribe to other channels I consider worthy of recommendation.  Check those resources out, too!

My plan is to continually update and expand this site. I would love to hear from you. If you have questions, suggestions for additional resources, or wish to discuss current resources listed, please write to me.  (Use the black envelope icon at the top of any page.) 

2015 update:  I am going back to school FT this year and won't be updating much until next year.  

Fall 2017 update: I am now a registered nurse, working on my next level of nursing degree part time. I will be making additions to this site. Hope to do a blog post yet this year!

Have a great day!

Summer 2019 update: I finished my BSN this spring! I am spending the warm months out of doors. Hope to begin updating this beloved website this winter. That will include responding to many emails…..and maybe figuring out a pleasant way to monetize this site. I am not real techie, but I do know I don’t want ads all over the pages. Ugh. I would rather just continue paying the annual bills for the web address and site than throw ads at readers. All this to say I have been preoccupied with finishing a degree and working a lot to put a child and myself through college. No time for putzing with this website. That explains dead links you come across and lack of new entries. Once I have enjoyed time in nature and winter visits once again, I will return to regularly contributing to Tammy’s Library. Maybe my first order of business should be finding a new short haircut for my Lego Tammy. I donated my hair 3 1/2 years ago and now wear it short. The Lego hair pieces I have seen thus far for short female hair are just not becoming. So I haven’t decided what to do about that. 🙃

My dad and I

My dad and I

Future Plans

Tammy's Library was created in early 2014.  Bookmark this site and check back later to see what's new.   I envision a strong focus on LIFE skills:  auto maintenance, international travel, U.S. citizenship, navigation/ driving resources, renter's rights, and whatever else seems pertinent.  Currently, budget constraints limit me to a 20-page site which makes it challenging to categorize resources.


Battling ignorance with every swish of my cape.

Battling ignorance with every swish of my cape.

Every website needs one cat picture.

With daughter, Bekah - - - Summer, 2017

With daughter, Bekah - - - Summer, 2017