Welcome to my personal collection of fantastic websites and book suggestions.  Life is meant to be lived with a conscious purpose.  Tammy's Library serves as a tool for helping you optimize your life and create your unique contribution to this world. Note: Be sure to read my Summer 2019 update at the bottom of the About page. Thanks!

This library consists of 14 areas of interest:

One's Self - take a personality test or view a video designed to build an optimal you: confidence, emotional intelligence, digital distraction, happiness, stress, and renewal.  If you are in to self-actualization, this is the place for you! ☺
Communication - speaking, presentation, body language, listening, and conflict resolution
MOOCs - learn anything you want online, often for free, beginning right now!
eSkills - online tutorials for computer, mouse, software, and other 21st Century information skills.
College - links to practice entrance exams, financial information, college tools and online centers, and articles on choosing a college or tech school.
Military - thinking of enlisting?  Thank you!  Check out your options here.  Includes ASVAB test info. and resources for veterans.
Career - explore your options, resources for a mid-career change, links to career centers, managing, and leadership information.
Job Search -  you will leave this page with the knowledge of how to be fully equipped for a successful migration to your next position.
Entrepreneurship - startup how-to's, business plans, financing, marketing, MOOCs, and more.
Health - find out where to go online for authoritative information.  Includes traditional medicine, natural alternatives, and nutrition resources.
Self-Publishing - your dream of publishing your work starts here!
Finances -  money, investment, insurance, giving, and estate planning websites and books
Disaster Prep - weather spotting, reading info. on creating a plan, suppliers, communication methods
Useful Websites - a wide array of valuable sites are listed here
Booklover's Oasis - all things book!

In this library you will find links to both free and fee resources as well as MOOCs and suggested books.   Remember, you can always reserve books online through your public library, so keep your library card handy.  If you wish to purchase your own copy of a title, I've included links to publishers and vendors who have been specially selected.   At the bottom of each library page is a picture menu to help you navigate between these 14 pages.  Or click the books photo at the top of any page to return to this home page.

Often a resource would fit on more than one page because these topics are so interrelated, so check out several pages to ensure you have covered all your desired bases.  For example,  "Leadership" would fit nicely on the One's Self page or the Entrepreneur page, but I have placed Leadership resources on the Career page.

Introducing my two alter egos

Introducing my two alter egos

I'm a loyal fan of DC Comics' 1960s Batgirl who was a librarian at Gotham City Public Library. I'm also part of the Lego® adult cult following, so you will see my pictorial designs on this site.

If you would like to display my promo flyer for others to see, you are welcome to it.  Thank you!!!

I am honored to play a role in your journey through life.  Your dreams WILL come to pass!  ☺